Faust Fundamentals Class Materials and Links

Covered Answers for NRC Exam Bank

NRC Exam Bank sections with answers covered in order to facilitate student attempts to answer the questions without seeing the answers - but then allowing the answers to be seen by mousing over the answer block.



Faust Fundamentals Demos


Lecture + quiz questions CBT, as written by Faust Fundamentals.



Toggle Arrows Exercise

Do you think you understand NPSH? Try your hand at Pump System Toggle Arrows! These exercises are part quiz, part instruction. Due to their as-needed feedback system, they are suitable for a wide range of skill levels.



Numeric Flow Control

Conduct a flow control lab from your computer. How does the pressure throughout a system respond if you throttle a valve? What if you change the pump head? Experiment with the controls to see the effects on a system, then test your knowledge by looking at a system change and identifying how the valves must have changed.